FreeBSD come with a firewall software called IPFILTER (IPF).

I dare to say that almost any sysadmin have locked himself out when playing with firewall rules… .

This is a simple tip on how to prevent that from happening when working with IPF.

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This RBL service was created by Thomas Jensen in 2001 and have been one of the most famous RBL services on the net. The service however got shutdown in December 2006 and the author asked all administrators to stop query the service.

So far so good, except that not everyone did. Now _relays.ordb.org_ is back from the dead with the difference that it marks all host as blacklisted and i guess it is some kind of punishment or wake up call to all sysadmins that have not removed from there RBL lists.

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PostgreSQL has lots and lots of sweet internals but its not always easy to know how to find them. Here is an simple way of getting the disk size of a PostgreSQL table.

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Terry Zink wrote a blogpost captcha’s are broken so now what.

It’s about how captccha’s are broke and that spammers now use hotmail/yahoo/gmail to send spam. He also gives some suggestions on how to prevent this from happening.

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