Captcha’s are broken…

Terry Zink wrote a blogpost captcha’s are broken so now what.

It’s about how captccha’s are broke and that spammers now use hotmail/yahoo/gmail to send spam. He also gives some suggestions on how to prevent this from happening.

This is terrys suggestions.

  • Make the HIP more difficult to solve.
  • Block known bots.
  • Use a double HIP.
  • Think outside the box and use a different HIP.

Ok, so my brain started to spin and 3 minutes later i have my own suggestion 😉

Why not use animated images as captcha’s?

What about an animated GIF… maybe we can make it move so fast that the eye get tricked to see some letters or numbers, but a machine will never ever be able to analyze all frames and get something useful from it 😉 Maybe a silly idea, but i’ll get back after some more investigations…


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