Today one of our server got in trouble with an ACE encoded IDN domain. The problem seemed to be rails in combination with nginx’s X-Sendfile feature. The result became that when accessing the site trough the IDN domain x-senfile did not send any files….

Our quick and dirty solution (until we have found the source/or solved the problem) became redirecting all traffic from the IDN domain to the domain without strange-swedish-characters.

With nginx this is as simple as in most webservers just put the following code before you original server configuration in nginx.conf.

server {
    rewrite ^(.*)$1 permanent;

And Bowang! All requests to www.svenskdomä will be redirected to

Domain names have been changed to protect the innocent :-)


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Just want to send my congrats to Marcus Ahnve who will join ThoughtWorks starting June, he will be in charge of starting TW’s Swedish office.

I had the pleasure to work with Marcus during his time at wemind and I hope we can find some cool projects in the future to work on or at least some bacon wrapped-jimmy-burgers!

Best of luck to Marcus! 


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Today i found a ‘new’ lunchbox in our refrigerator. New is a bit excessively!

Mould in a lunchbox

Lesson learned! You have to eat you lunch in time or it will grow old and crawl away…..


Click the image to get all the yummy details.


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Yesterday i was updating all my ruby gems. During the update a got disturbed by something so i did not pay attention what gems got updated.

This morning i found my current app not starting up.

This is how i solved it

Read More…

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