These are two interesting articles/benchmarks about how you can use SSD drives for storing postgres indexes on them.

The low low seek times on a SSD drives make it a perfect candidate for the indexes.
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I just bought myself a new domain! 

The old felt more as a personaldomain/blog than a blog about techie-greeky-stuff. 

If you ever searched for a new domain you know how fucked up that is. There is a huge market in selling domains or keep them parked with adverts. So if you want a domain that mean more than you have to figure out a new-cool-fancy-web-2.0 domain á  

I’m pretty satisfied with my new fancy It suits me well, because everytime i decide to blog about something i keep getting past my bedtime. 

I just cant wait to get my blogging on the road! 

Hey, look at that… it’s past bedtime 😉

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I’ve just released v0.5 of keyFinder. keyFinder is the simpliest frontend for OSX’s keychain that you can think of. Its basicly a little window that filters your passwords (live) as you type your keywords. Select the one you want and hit enter. The password then gets copied to your clipboard. 

More information can be found on the keyFinder page under my projects.


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I just found a serious bug on my iPhone and i thought i share it with you.

A picture says more than thousands of words so here you go!

Nice huh 😉

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