Finally my friends at newsdesk have a blog. They have started off real good with a comparison of three ruby wrappers for Google charts.

I have great expectations from the newsdesk developers blog. If you are a Ruby and Rails developer you should definitely keep and eye on them!

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This is a little memory note for my self and hopefully it can help someone else how to reset MySQL root password.

It happens that we are asked to do some work on our customers dedicated servers and when that happens it’s not that uncommon that there is not a single person alive that has the root password for the MySQL server. When that happen it’s good to know how to reset it ūüėČ

This post is about how simple it’s to reset MySQL’s root password under FreeBSD.
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Yesterday I upgraded merb to 1.0 and I got in some trouble that I solved pretty fast. Last night I started an empty application an got trouble again, but this time for real. I did a fresh install (removed all merb gems and datamapper gems). I generated a fresh merb app with merb-gen but i could not get it to work and all i got from merb was empty replies.

In this post I will try to describe the steps I took to track the problem down and how I solved it.
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Today i thought that i should give the new merb release a try. When updating my merb gems i got the following message.

> sudo gem update
Updating installed gems
Updating merb
ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Gem::InstallError)
    merb-core requires RubyGems version >= 1.3.0

This post is how i solved my problem updating RubyGems to 1.3.1 on Mac OS X 10.5.5

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Today I was playing with nginx’s flv module. The page I made where private¬†enough¬†to password protect so i thought it would be great¬†opportunity¬†to learn how to do this with nginx.

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We recently got in trouble with two Gentoo machines that where running under VMware ESX & ESXi.

The hosts froze¬†randomly (Even the console in vmware froze). Especially¬†when putting a little load on the machines. After hours of testing we found that removing virtual CPU’s from the host solved the problem. More that one CPU got the machine to freeze after some time.

!! Unsatisfied¬†solution !!¬†So after a couple of more hours we found a working solution….

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