When helping a friend last night with couchdb a got stuck when trying to start it as an unprivileged user. The error messages you get from couchdb is far from easy to understand.

This is my way of solving it.
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The iPhone is a really great device. It lacks a few basic features that I misses from ericsson or nokia but overall it’s a really great device.

Where it really kicks ass is when you are out of town and need to find a location or restaurant. This have been great when I am still in the same country but earlier this week I when to Glasgow/scotland and the first thing you get is a welcome SMS from one of the local mobile network operators and here is when the problem arise.

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I do not usually blog about this tuff. Hell I do not blog much at all :) But I think this was pretty cool.

Internet is a virtual share-your-stuff-machine.
On YouTube you share you creativity.
On Facebook you share you life.
On Second Life you share your dreams.
On Wikipedia you share you knowledge.
On Ebay you share your belongings.

Translated from a swedish blogpost reacting to the new Swedish IPRED law (http://micco.se/2009/03/delning-blir-en-multimiljardindustri/)

A pretty weak google translation of the page

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