A couple of days ago my Terminal.app (console) got a really annoying feature. When launching the console or when I created a new tab it got stuck for about 5-10 seconds before I got my prompt.

If you are like me and are spending most of your time in Terminal.app you understand how annoying this is/was.

I tried to rename .profile, .inputrc and evey other startup script I had in my home folder but the problem did not go away.

Then I found an OSX user which had his Terminal crash when started. He solved his problem by cleaning up some OSX systemlogs. So I thought I try the same trick.

The logfiles which he removed where the asl files under /private/var/log/asl/

I read about them here: http://macosx.com/tech-support/can-i-deleteasl-log/24223.html

But I figured I’d just remove them all :)

sudo rm -rf /private/var/log/asl/*

When all asl files where removed my Terminal went back to normal again and I am sooooooo relieved.

This worked for me BUT I do not recommend you to remove anything if you do not know what you are doing!!!


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