keyFinder – The missing keychain frontend

keyFinder is a simple frontend for osx’s keychain.

Here’s the background.

I was using quicksilver with the keychainmodule. Quicksilver is a great app and everything worked out just fine. Thats until i upgraded osx to leopard and the keychain module broke. After that i heard somewhere that the author of quicksilver said that development will never be continued. From that momemt i decided that i needed another way of handling my passwords (even do i got the module to work).

I have tried a dussin of password-apps but no one seems simple enough, all i asked for is something i can bring up with a simple key-combination and then search for the password i want and hit enter to copy it to the clipboard. I dont need anything else…..

About a month ago i decided that to get what i want i have to build it my self and here we are now. I have decided to share my little app with the rest of the world. Maybe there is someone with the same issues i had :)

keyFinder v0.5 screenshot

keyFinder v0.5 screenshot

I’ve always loved keychain but “keychain access” is not that user friendly. Anyway,  keychain felt like the natural way of storing password so thats what i use as password-database-backend.

When choosing keychain as backend all i needed to do was a simple frontend :)


  • Global-shortcut to bring the app to front (Option + Command + P).
  • Smart search (Like in Textmate).
  • Search passwords in every keychain.
  • Minimizes when password is copied to clipboard.
  • Asks to unlock keychain if locked.
  • Automatically checks for updates.
  • Reset your search with backspace.

Missing feutures:

  • Configuration dialog for global-shortcut.
  • Adding/Deleting/Editing passwords (using keychain access right now).
  • Configuration for “check for updates”.
  • Autostart with osx.
  • Automatic refresh of keychain entries (needs restart right now).
If it sounds interesting please download and try it, i cant garante it will work on your system. I do not think it will break anything so give it a try.
Please let me know, drop me a comment of what you think!


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