Today I had a really painful experience with rails InvalidAuthenticityToken. It turned out not to have anything to do with rails at all and there is where the painful part come in to play.

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I just bought myself a new domain! 

The old felt more as a personaldomain/blog than a blog about techie-greeky-stuff. 

If you ever searched for a new domain you know how fucked up that is. There is a huge market in selling domains or keep them parked with adverts. So if you want a domain that mean more than you have to figure out a new-cool-fancy-web-2.0 domain á  

I’m pretty satisfied with my new fancy It suits me well, because everytime i decide to blog about something i keep getting past my bedtime. 

I just cant wait to get my blogging on the road! 

Hey, look at that… it’s past bedtime 😉

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