A couple of days ago my Terminal.app (console) got a really annoying feature. When launching the console or when I created a new tab it got stuck for about 5-10 seconds before I got my prompt.

If you are like me and are spending most of your time in Terminal.app you understand how annoying this is/was.

I tried to rename .profile, .inputrc and evey other startup script I had in my home folder but the problem did not go away.

Then I found an OSX user which had his Terminal crash when started. He solved his problem by cleaning up some OSX systemlogs. So I thought I try the same trick.

The logfiles which he removed where the asl files under /private/var/log/asl/

I read about them here: http://macosx.com/tech-support/can-i-deleteasl-log/24223.html

But I figured I’d just remove them all :)

sudo rm -rf /private/var/log/asl/*

When all asl files where removed my Terminal went back to normal again and I am sooooooo relieved.

This worked for me BUT I do not recommend you to remove anything if you do not know what you are doing!!!


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When helping a friend last night with couchdb a got stuck when trying to start it as an unprivileged user. The error messages you get from couchdb is far from easy to understand.

This is my way of solving it.
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