Today I was playing with nginx’s flv module. The page I made where private enough to password protect so i thought it would be great opportunity to learn how to do this with nginx.

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This is how I did a quick fix for a client of ours that are running a Ruby On Rails app behind an nginx/mongrel setup.

The mission where to move their wordpress weblog to the same server as the website.

The easiest way had been to add another IP and install apache behind it. They did not like this solution because they thought they where about to loose google page-rank if the blog and the website where on different ip’s. ok, Fair enough.

The simple solution became to install apache and just proxy the request thought nginx.

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Today one of our server got in trouble with an ACE encoded IDN domain. The problem seemed to be rails in combination with nginx’s X-Sendfile feature. The result became that when accessing the site trough the IDN domain x-senfile did not send any files….

Our quick and dirty solution (until we have found the source/or solved the problem) became redirecting all traffic from the IDN domain to the domain without strange-swedish-characters.

With nginx this is as simple as in most webservers just put the following code before you original server configuration in nginx.conf.

server {
    rewrite ^(.*)$1 permanent;

And Bowang! All requests to www.svenskdomä will be redirected to

Domain names have been changed to protect the innocent :-)


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