I generate a loooot of passwords. I try out a lot of webservices and all those needs passwords. I control about 70-100 servers and all those have different services and accounts. So I generate a lot of passwords… and this post is about how I do it do make it as easy as possible.
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This is a little memory note for my self and hopefully it can help someone else how to reset MySQL root password.

It happens that we are asked to do some work on our customers dedicated servers and when that happens it’s not that uncommon that there is not a single person alive that has the root password for the MySQL server. When that happen it’s good to know how to reset it ūüėČ

This post is about how simple it’s to reset MySQL’s root password under FreeBSD.
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Today I was playing with nginx’s flv module. The page I made where private¬†enough¬†to password protect so i thought it would be great¬†opportunity¬†to learn how to do this with nginx.

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I’ve just released v0.5 of keyFinder. keyFinder is the simpliest frontend for OSX’s keychain that you can think of. Its basicly a little window that filters your passwords (live) as you type your keywords. Select the one you want and hit enter. The password then gets copied to your clipboard.¬†

More information can be found on the keyFinder page under my projects.


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